Can sleep, it is also a competitiveness

In all kinds of health problems, insomnia and sleep are probably the most common, and it is also the most easily ignored. In various health problems, insomnia and sleep are probably the most common, and the most easily ignored, and often sleep well, and it is also a competitiveness that is easy to be ignored. After the cancer, Li Kai Fu wrote:  only I saw my desperate and investment in the career, I didn’t see it when I went to sleep, I can’t sleep when I wanted to sleep. sleep. For a long time, I rely on coffee during the day, and I can sleep at night. Although it looks a spirit every day, it is exhausted in my heart, it is very tired.  Currently, Wang Jianlin, the founder of Wanda Group, the world’s richest Chinese, who has not slept in the early days of entrepreneurship. After the 10th day, I finally fell into the ground, sent to the hospital first aid, so now he Sleep every 11 o’clock, at 6 o’clock in the morning, sleeping for 7 hours, the work is very regular; the President Xi Jinping also revealed that he is too young, it is almost a big disease almost 12 o’clock. sleep. Some people are too much pressure. I want to sleep, I can’t sleep, insomnia, some people use the night charging growth skills to strengthen the competitiveness of the workplace, and the results have been learning to learn to have a half night; some people mention, because the daytime work is very long , It is hard to get off work, I want to have some personal time, look at the movie, read the book, I didn’t want to look at it, the clock has pointed to the midnight; some people blame the gene, think that they are born with owl, I want to turn to Baili The bird’s morning sleep early, it’s too difficult. From this perspective, use good sleep to enhance your memory. German contemporary experimental psychologist Herman  Middot; Ai Pinshaus has done a few experiments that studied memory regression and then found that the charts drawn by these experiments have a strange place. He found that although Time passes, the amount of information that can be remembered is stable, but the amount of memory lost in the night is usually very small. After several scrutiny, scientists believe that it may be because of sleep, the brain will turn out the thoughts, and the details of the facts or data that no longer need to be used, and the information that will be remembered during the day. As a result, many psychologists then made a series of experiments to verify the golden time of learning, and whether such statements are true. Rimi known as the greatest poet of Persia wrote in his poem \”Don’t sleep\”:  love witnesses, never sleep in the night,  mysterious is fun, but we must respect science, we I want you to know that improving sleep is not as difficult as you think, as long as you know how important sleep, how harm your body, maybe you have more motivation to change the habit of late sleep. First of all, you need a good job time to ensure adequate sleep time; secondly, improve your sleep environment, start from replacement of a healthy pillow. PillowThe role of sleep, it is self-evident, pillow height, pillow shape, pillow filler have different influences for sleep, and choose a scientific and healthy pillow, it is necessary.Tokyo Xichuan Nishikawa sleeping pillow, central concave stereoscopic structure, protects the natural curvature of cervical vertebra, unique partition design, all kinds of sleeping posture cervical vertebrae, highly adjustable, tasty cervical vertebrae care.Preferred health pillow.Next: Don’t pillow your cervical spine when you sleep at night, usually how to protect the cervical vertebra Previous: Spring sleepy autumn lacks summer snoring, less healthy pillow