Don’t pillow your cervical vertebra when you sleep at night, how should you protect the cervical spine?

Don’t you pillow your cervical spine when you sleep at night? For this problem, you can understand what kind of status needs to be maintained when you sleep. When you sleep normally, the correct form is to keep standing posture, while the cervical vertebra will be empty, you need a pillow to support the neck and the head, keep the parallel posture. Otherwise, it will make the cervical vertebrae, not effective rest, long-lasting, will have problems such as dizziness, fatigue, cervical spondylosis. How should I protect the cervical vertebra? White-collar workers, teachers such as long-term work, suggest that everyday use of U-pillows, protect cervical vertebra;, the brother, etc., the same need for special types of pillows to protect the long-term retention of cervical vertebrae. Different people need to move the head, soothing the pressure of the neck, can also massage the ears, stimulate the role of vertebrate blood circulation, health disease. The dead sheep will never plan to prepare for the cervical vertebra, and then accept the long-term cumbersome treatment, it is not as good as the first hair, and take the initiative to take care of our careful care, do not accident. The inappropriate pillow is a long-term toxic tumor affecting cervical vertebrae! Looking for a pillow suitable for you! There is such a pillow, Japanese big name, more than 450 years of history, that is, Tokyo Xichuan Nishikawa sleeping pillow, 2011 Beijing Jingcai Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. brings Xichuan brand into China, such a professional, scientific, healthy pillow, It is the evangelion of the majority of sleep disorders, cervical spine. Tokyo Xichuan Nishikawa pillow is in the material, design, and functions, and introduces custom pillows. First, according to the demand and wash the filler material, the body data is measured by professional instruments, it is tailored to the professional research results, tailored to the user’s own pillows, and then constantly adjust, comfortable, suitable for itself. Special structural and design, fully taking into account different sleeping positions and needs, providing the most comfortable, healthy sleeping environment for each user. This is the Nishikawa pillow of Tokyo, Sichuan. Your sleep assistant. Next: How to choose a pillow? Considering these three points, it is enough. Previous: Can sleep good, it is also a competitiveness