Gradually analyze your cervical demand

Often encounter this scenario: the neck is stiff, and there will be \u0026 ldquo; giggle sound. Why is the neck turn around? What exactly is going on? In the early days, it is not necessarily the problem of cervical bones, but there are few possibilities: 1 tendon, ligament slipped over the bone cervical tape is an important ligament, strong and powerful, maintaining the normal position of the head, and prevents excessive flexion. Cerry ligament occurs during the degeneration, even local calcification, ossification, when the degraded ligament is slippery, there will be a sound. 2 Lack of slide lubrication, joint contact surface rough discs between vertebral bodies and vertebral bodies, with a water with a water, with an old rising and unhealthy lifestyle, slowly moisture, just like the intervertebral disc is hollowed out . It is better to be exhausted, the engine is not lubricated, the sound is getting bigger and bigger, the car is getting a fuel, but also shaking, and the time to send the maintenance station is not long. Causes of lesions Long-term low, make the muscles are fixed with a long time, and the neck ligament is not available for sufficient blood supply. Over time, it will slowly form calcification, which will also cause cervical joint osteoponal hyperplasia and muscle strain. 2. Life work habits the human body is insufficient, the resistance is declining, the wind, cold, heat, wet, dry, fire will take advantage of the body, leading to the human body. Don’t pay attention to cold and warm, greedy, especially women who love beauty often wear single thin, low-cut clothing, which is more likely to be invaded by cold and humid, affecting muscles and ligaments that are not smooth enough, and aggravate lesions The condition of the part. How to protect your neck? Relaxing muscles is most important and urgent. People who always contact with computer mobile phones, please often get up, especially the activities of the neck and relax to improve the biplasia and muscles, but remember: Do not do 360 degrees of circumferential movement. Here is a simple set of easy-to-learn cervical discretion, a total of 5 actions, 1 minute each action: 1, head to the left to turn right, the magnitude should be large with consciousness, 15 times. 2, the head is forwarded forward, and the neck is trying to elongate, 15 times in front of the neck. 3, two-handed side shoulders, palm down, two shoulders first rotate 30 times, and then rotate 30 times afterwards. 4, both hands intersect the neck, force the head and neck, head and necks, to force each other. 5, holding his head, palm up, looking up at the back of 5 seconds. Finally, it is necessary to remind: if there is sound, you don’t have to be too nervous, you don’t have to minimize the time of the photo, gently reduce the pressure of your neck, strengthen your neck exercise; if you further increase, you need to go to the hospital in time, don’t delay. Tokyo, Sichuan Nishiakwa, healthy sleeping pillow, 450, custom pillows, science, and health, make your health sleep correctly. Beijing Jingcai Industry and Trade main commodity for the agentBrand Xichuan sleeping pillow, Japan Pansy home shoes Changguichuan ladder, own home products such as brand bath curtain bath curtain rods.Company Address: 3rd Floor, Block C, Zhongya Industrial Park, No. 16, Hongda North Road, Yizhuang Economic and Technological Development Zone, Beijing, Temporary Temporary Temporary: 400-706-5896 Next: The height of the pillow is the most appropriate, the pillow is highly misconductOne: How much is the cervical spondylosis? Very dangerous! People with bad cervical vertebrae must see!