How much is the best pillow, a height of a pillow?

After the bedroom decoration is completed, after the stay, I asked to improve the quality of sleep. One thing that cannot be ignored is the height of the pillow. It is mentioned that the pillow is high. People will not help with the sleep quality, some Peng is highly cognition of the pillow Not too clear, I will introduce you to the high level of pillows today, and people’s misconduct of pillows. First, the most suitable pillow height of the pillow is different from person to person, and the height of the fist who stands up is usually suitable for the height of the pillow. This height is just a physiological flexion after the human body is separated from the bed. When people stand, the cervical vertebra has a forward physiological curvature, so if the head is too high or too low after lying down, the neck is straight or reverse. The pillow is too high: affecting the sleep, and can’t stick to the normal arc of the cervical vertebra, aggravate the cervical vertebra, and simply fell. The pillow is too low: the head is congested, simply forming eyelids and face edema, snoring. Second, the pillow height error point 1 In fact, these pillows are harmful to cervical vertebra, and experts from Chinese Medicine Surgery, due to pillows, patients with cervical spondylosis are not in a small number, and some even causing neck hypertension and neck-necked coronary heart disease. 2, the pillow is higher than sleeping, the deputy director of the big Chinese medicine surgery has recently diagnosed such a patient. When the 32-year-old Mr. Zhang felt groggy, dizzy, and the Chengtian homework was not energetic, due to the continued one In Many Week, he quoted himself from cervical spondylosis. When he viewed it to the hospital, the cervical vertebra did present a small joint disorder. After the consultation, he usually loves the pillow of high pillows. It feels that the pillow is sleepy, and the two pillows are stacked together. The so-called high-pillow worry-free \u0026 rdquo; only for life, the pillow is too high, no matter how you go to sleep, you can’t stick to the normal front convex curvature of the cervical vertebrae, will increase the necrotic spine, which may cause the pillow. The height and softness of the pillow are related to everyone’s fat, the shoulders are wide, and the length of the neck is related to comfort. What is the height of comfort? It can be quite testing: When you supine, the height of the pillow is the same as your fist, the height of the pillow is the same as your half fist, usually 10 ~ 15 cm suitable. Second, in terms of construction, the traditional pillow cannot fit the cervical spine natural curvature, which will make the cervical vertebrae, the physiological curvature changes, even when it is in the homework, it is better to pick a pillow that is fitted with the principle of ergonomics. In the end, the choice of pillow filler is also largely influenced by sleep quality, such as natural mung bean shell, buckwheat shell, silkworm, decidism, etc., there are mostly anti-sleep, cotton is warming, breathable. Downing is not suitable for allergy physical human group is used. For those who love new materials, memories of cotton pillows are inflated, simply exhibited polyef, hot, sweat sights, and it is recommended to use a pillow of raw materials with resin hoses. The resin hose is expensive, but this material combines the strength of memories and latex,To perceive the temperature of the human body, it can still adhere to the outstanding soft comfort, both supportability, can reduce the pressure between the scalp, and always adhere to the blood circulation of the human body.36 ° C near the human body, prevent hot and sweat sights.Through the above introduction to the pillow, I hope that everyone has a new cognition of the pillow in the future, and can bring peace of mind, healthy life, and work.Next: Already the last one Previous: Gradually analyze your cervical demand