How much is the cervical spondylosis? Very dangerous! People with bad cervical vertebrae must see!

In life, people often feel that the cervical pain, but rarely take it when they are returned, and they don’t deliberately protect the cervical vertebra. If protecting the cervical vertebrae, the whole body will be sick. The cervical vertebrae is not good, and it is easy to problem. Because of high activity frequency, negative weight, cervical vertebrae is extremely easy to degenerate. Orthopedics generally believe that five types of cervical spondylosis, including neck type, nerve root type, spinal cord, sympathetic, vertebral artery type. The most common of these is the nerve root type, about 60% of cervical spondylosis, and 70%. Such patients often appear in numbness, pain, or limb skin feeling in the arm. Cervical cervical spondylosis is lighter, the patient often feels neck shoulder, pain, limited activity, heavy shoulder back, arm weakness, etc. The sympathetic nerve is often manifested as headache, dizziness, dizziness, pillow or neck pain, blurred visually, eye-catching, eyes dry, heartbeat, etc.. The neck is a bloody source of the disease. The medical cervical spondylosis population is increasingly young. Since the Tu Yu won the Nobel Medical Award, whether it is a Chinese or foreigner, it has high attention to the Chinese medicine therapy, and the Chinese medicine therapy For green therapy, it is not in the conditioning process. In China, Chinese medicine has a long history, such as Hua Wei, Sun Sizhen, Li Shizhen, etc. Ancient famous doctor, through Chinese herbal medicine, people often say, such as Hua Wei. More precious is Li Shizhen left the \”Materia Medica\” of the future generation, which records the efficacy of various herbs. According to \”Materia Medal\”, Ai Ye can take medicine, temperature, taste, non-toxic, pure yang’s nature, pass the twelve teasings, walk three yin, can return the yang, qi blood, wet cold, stop bleeding Equipment is also common to acupuncture. Therefore, it is called \u0026 ldquo; Herb \u0026 RDQUO ;. In the case of moxibustion, it can be used in addition to the disease. It can be seen that the effect of Ai Ye is not general. In recent years, pharmacology discovered that there was also the effect of conditioning the disease after volatilization of Ai Ye. In addition, there are more and more people in the bath for bathing with Aiwater in recent years. None means that Ai Ye is not only functioning when conditioning the disease, but also a good medicine in the fitness health in the weekdays. Due to work reasons or for a certain reason, such as office clerks, drivers, writers, players, etc. There are more and more people in modern people’s cervical spondylosis, especially older. According to recent surveys, young people with cervical spondylosis are also increasing year by year, which is close to mobile phones, and there is a close relationship with the computer. Regular cervical breath is unbearable, sometimes there will be some complications, dizziness, limb numbness, memory, migraine, and so on. Going to the hospital to take the pain, do not say, because the work is busy, I always draw a time, but also trouble, I can drag. It is better to buy a healthy pillow, regulate the cervical vertebra in sleep, and mix hard to work. Here, Tokyo, Nishikawa pillow, from 450 years of history, from 450 years of history, has a sleep research institute and more than 2,000 counter worldwide, professional research plus customer real needs, create suitable, intimate health pillows.Next: Gradually analyze your cervical vertebrae demand Previous: Is the water pillow in summer?