How much is the low level of sleeping pillow?

Many pneesy patients with cervical spondylosis are because they have slept too high pillows. If your sleeping pillow is too high, you will change the normal physiological curvature of the cervical vertebra, so that muscle fatigue damage and ligament pull the pain, produce spasm, inflammation, etc., and neck shoulder pain, hand teach, dizzy. Symptoms. Clinically, the high pillow is one of the common causes of pillows and cervical spondylosis. Low pillow makes blood supply unbalanced high pillow, use low pillows or simply do not need a pillow? The pillow is too low or no pillows is equally not good for health. Some people have suffered from cervical spondylosis and think that they can benefit to rehabilitation, in fact, this idea is unscientific. No pillows, people are in my supine, they are too long, and they can breathe, and then produce dry mouth, dry tongue, throat pain and snoring phenomenon. If the side here is not a pillow, the neck muscle while the neck can also cause, pain, appear  sleeper  The pillow will also make the blood supply is not very equal, which is easy to cause the nasal mucosa to be swollen, and the nasal mucosa is very sensitive, and the swelling will affect breathing. If the neck and shoulders have a phenomenon that has a pain after waking up, it may also be that the pillow is too low or no pillows. So, how much is the pillow? The height of the pillow is suitable in terms of supine, and the specific dimensions are also determined by each person’s physiological radians. Japan Tokyo Xichuan Nishikawa brand advocates private custom pillows, such as clothes quantitative tailor version, for users to customize pillows, measured data such as neck curves with customer instruments, according to the research results of the Sleep Research, add pillows to design, function , Highly satisfying sleep requirements, especially the high adjustment, a total of four adjustment ports, freely adjusting the height, is the advantage that the same type of pillow does not have. Soft hardness should also be appropriate to pay attention to the hardness of the pillow in addition to the height of the pillow. Excessive pillows, small contact with the head, increased pressure, uncomfortable scalp; contrary, the pillow is too soft, it is difficult to maintain a certain height, the cervical muscle is easy to fatigue, and it is not conducive to sleep, and the blood circulation is affected. Therefore, the pillow should be slightly soft, and there is no hardness. The pillow should also have a certain elasticity, if the pillow is elastic, the head is constantly being affected by an additional elasticity, producing muscle fatigue and damage. Such as spring pillow \u0026 rdquo;, pillow  etc. It is not a pillow that is good for health. Tokyo, Nishikawa pillow, adopts new resin hoses, breathable, high support, good rebound, water washing, quiet, and strong liquidity, comfortable feel. Next: How high is your teen pillow? What pillow is used? Previous: Suitable cervical spondylosis pillow prevention of hard-wrapped cervical spondylosis