How to choose a pillow?Considering these three points is enough

I want to sleep well, and I am very important to choose a pillow. The pillow is accompanying us to sleep together. Basically everyone is inseparable from it, but you have found that you choose a good pillow, you can promote your quality of sleep, improve your sleep quality, and protect your health? Choose a pillow to consider the following three points, you can be called a healthy qualified pillow. First, the pillow filler said pillow filler, everyone knows that buckwheat, this filler has been used, the advantages and disadvantages are obvious, cheaper, tradition, make it often existed in each family. The filler here refers to health, scientific fillers, traditional fillers such as buckwheat, fiber cotton, down, various herbs, etc. The new resin hose of the food grade core, as a filler in Tokyo Xichuan brand, play a revolutionary role in the pillow application, breathable, support, rebound, water washing, non-toxic and tasteless, long service life, etc. It has become the first choice for pillow fillers. Second, constructive design pillow structure design, often people, many domestic sleep pillows are focused on publicity fillers, and the pillow itself has not received it. For example, some special pillows, U-shaped pillows, small pillows, etc., considering that the pillows that sleep demand are not applied to normal sleep, it is also lacking in the domestic pillows. Tokyo Xichuan brand’s sleeping pillow, in terms of construction, in line with three support theories, and have four-partition, considering the demand for sleeping and desco, the quadramine is concave, giving the cervical vertebrae. Third, the height of the pillow is the problem of the height of the old man. Most publicity¬† fists in the domestic market; but not scientific, everyone’s needs are different, and the pillow also needs \u0026 ldquo; This reflects the needs of custom pillows, but most of the domestic pillows are highly standard, then in \u0026 ldquo; fist, to make each user choose to be a height. Tokyo Xichuan brand, focus on the sleep secrets in the pillow with more than 450 years of consciousness. Advocate personal custom pillows concept, scientific instrument measurement, professional sleep consultants provide customization services, to create a pillow that is the most suitable for personal, this is also the most scientific way, now. Tokyo Xichuan Nishikawa pillow, in the pillow height, pillow size, pillow structure design, pillow filler, is supported by the sleep research, scientific and healthy, in Japan, a household name, is a trusted international brand. Next: Three wrong views of the pillow height Previous: Don’t pillow your cervical vertebra when you sleep at night, how should you protect the cervical spine?