How to choose the importance of pillows and pillows

How to scientifically select the importance of the pillow and pillow, the importance of the pillow is self-evident, after a long-term clinical verification note: Sleeping does not need to have a big harm, if you don’t have a pillow, you will cause a faint bloating, eyelid edema, and even influence Go to sleep quality, time for time, may have cervical spondylosis. If you sleep without a pillow, the position of the head is lower than the heart, the blood flowing to the head is increased, and the blood vessel of the head will be congested. Time will cause the head to be faint, the eyelids are swollen, and I can’t sleep. However, choosing a pillow must consider the height, the pillow is too high, the muscles of the neck are long, can’t be natural, sleep down overnight, neck pain, headache, evenĀ  falling pillow have you encountered? The scientific selection pillow is what people are now lacking. Due to the development of the domestic market and products, most of the care is the material or filler of the pillow, which is also the result of misleading of domestic merchants. Pillows include pillows height, pillow size, pillow filler, etc., which affect sleep experience, especially the height of the pillow. Pillows affect people’s sleep experience in varying degrees, don’t work, low, healthy pillow, high and low need to measure body data such as neck curves, tailor-made pillows, can be suitable for yourself, and these in the domestic market On, there is almost no. Compared to domestic pillows products, foreign products are more rich, although the focus is different, but they are much stronger than the domestic pillows. As a sleep pillow, you need to take into account the factors that sleep and look down, foreign brands, Nishikawa, Nishikawa, Tokyo, specially designed a separate quarter area, and can be adjusted separately, which makes the pillow are very important. The characteristics, adjustment height, which is also the biggest feature of the traditional pillow. What pillows are still entangled? Still worrying about how high your pillow is? Recommended Tokyo Xichuan Nishikawa pillow, free adjustment height, new five-toxic can be cleaned filled, four-partition design, 550 years of brand guarantee! Buy a pillow, I will buy it once! Next: Suitable cervical spondylosis pillow prevention of difficult cervical spondylosis Previous: How to judge the pillow too high or too low