How to judge the pillow too high or too low

How to determine the pillow too high or too low 1. If the pillow is too high, if there is a sick factor, the neck pain, headache, dizziness, tinnitus, or insomnia, etc., or sleep to half, feel numb, it is very It may be that your pillow is too high. 2, the pillow is too low if there is no water before going to sleep, but after waking up, it is found that the facial edema may be too low, causing a slight congestion in the head. The pillow is too low, and the lower jaw therefore lifting up, it is easy to breathe, and there is a situation in snoring. What problems caused by high pillows and low pillows 1 The deformation of the joints and promotes the formation of bone thorn, causing the instability of cervical vertebra. In addition, the high pillow will increase the angle of the neck and the chest, so that the tracheal ventilation is blocked, and it is easy to cause pharyngeal, sore, and snoring. 2, low pillow is not a comfortable normal person to sleep low, and also change the cervical physiological state. Due to the intravenous valve flavor of the head, gravity will slow down the intravenous reflux in the brain, and the arterial blood supply is relatively increased, thereby appearing unexpected symptoms such as head rising, irritability, insomnia. Multi-high tattools are usually suitable, and the appropriate height of the pillow is suitable at 10-15 cm, but the specific size is also determined for each person’s physiological characteristics, especially the neck’s physiological arc. Shoulder width fat pillows can be slightly higher, while thin people can be slightly lower. In general, people with high blood pressure, heart disease, asthma sometimes need to sleep; suffering from low blood pressure, anemia sometimes needs to sleep low. Sleep habits also have an impact on the height of the pillow, it is used to the person who is sleeping, and the height of the pillow should be compressed with its own fist height (the height of the boxing of the box is a high standard); Its pillow height should be consistent with its own shoulder width height after compression. Of course, no matter whether you sleep, you can keep the pillow that keeps the normal physiological curve of the neck on the side. For the pillow itself, the part of supporting the neck (cervical) should be slightly higher and has a certain hardness so that the neck of the neck can be lined. The part of the brain spoon should be 3-5 cm lower than the above parts, making it possible to support the head and adapt to the height of the neck. The pillow is soft and hard, the contact area of \u200b\u200bthe pillow and the head will shrink, the pressure is increased, the scalp is uncomfortable; but if the pillow is too soft, it is difficult to maintain a certain height, the cervical muscle is easy to fatigue, and it is not conducive to sleep. And the head is in which it will affect the blood circulation, so that the head is numb. The pillow should choose slightly soft, but there is no sense of hardness. On the one hand, it can reduce the pressure between the pillows and the scalp, and the other hand maintains uneven pressure, so that the blood can be passed in a small pressure. The pillow can be slightly flexible, and the flexibility will cause the neck muscle fatigue and damage. Directly in contact with the pillow is closely related to the human body of the human body and the body’s shoulder, ligament, and intervertebral discs, thereby visible the appropriate pillow for human health. What circumstancesNeed to change the pillow 1, the pillow that is too high to destroy the natural curvature of the cervical vertebrae, so that the muscles and ligaments after the neck are tense, stiff. If you feel that your neck suddenly be stiff, the event is inconvenient, if you haven’t done a lot of exercise in your day, then you should consider whether you are too high and dropped. 2, the snoring pillow is too low, will make the jaw naturally lift, the throat is affected by *, the tongue in the mouth is naturally sagging, blocking the respiratory tract. Especially when inhalation, the soft palate above the mouth was vibrated, and the snoring of the snoring (snoring \”; snoring. So if you often hear someone complaining about you snoring, you can try to put a thick towel under the head to increase the height of the pillow. Moreover, snoring will not only let their sleep quality, while the surrounding people can not be in the night, insomnia. 3, Eye edema If the pillow is too soft, the head will be deep, the blood flow is too concentrated, the blood vessel wall pressure is increased, the facial muscles are stressed, causing the eyes to swollen the eyes in the morning, will feel slightly painful. If you often find eye edema, you can consider changing a pillow. 4, the pillow of excessive exhaust water will cause the carotid artery, the blood circulation is not smooth, and then causes the brain anoxic, microcirculation partial disorder. The direct reaction of hypoxia is that saliva secretion is increased, and it is used to breathe for a long time. If you always find a large piece of a lotus on the pillow, you should consider changing a soft point of pillows. Principles for picking pillows 1. If the choice of sleep quality affects the choice of pillows, if you are easy to insomnia, don’t choose the paddy shell, because the elasticity of these materials is unstable, slightly moving, will sound, affect sleep. People who have a good sleep can choose a hot compressed sponge pillow, a Shule pillow, because such a pillow is first shape in line with the overall normal physiological curve of the human body, so that there is no supine, lateral lying, cervical vertebra, respiratory tract recovery Usually normal physiological curve, and its support and softness are suitable in various pillows, in line with the body’s body principles, and combined with the magnetic therapy effect formed by NdFe boron magnetic ore, three integrated, more beneficial to improve insomnia. 2, sleeping position determines the scientific height of the pillow’s high pillow is 8-10 cm, but this data is not absolute. Experts pointed out that sleeping posture is a decisive factor affecting the high and low flexible pillow. If you are used to sleep, the height of the pillow should be roughly equal to your fist; if you like to sleep, you will choose a pillow with your own shoulder thickness; if you get used to your face, put your pillow in your chest, just Choose a thin pillow, because too big pillows will * heart, causing insufficient blood supply. The maintenance method of the pillow is a family daily necessities in people’s lives, and the bedding of the family has made many families. With the bedding, people usually only pay attention to clean and dry the bedding, pillow, pillowcase, and rarely put the pillow  please  go outside the house, dry. As everyone knows, when you sleep every night, the pillow is a smell of dirty breath.O; When the person is sleeping, the incomplete gas exhaled, as well as the sweat, dirt secretion of the scalp, so that the pillow is dirty erratic Tibetan sarca  place. Only by cleaning the outside of the pillow and pillowcase, just  the standard is not cured this Specially used for family convenience to dry their own pillows. It should be noted that if there is a respiratory tract, digestive or head skin, bacteria and viruses are also dyed in the pillow, which may lead to cross infections between husband and wife or children. So, it is recommended that your pillow should often dry and disinfection, keep hygiene, conditional families, in addition to multi-sun pillow, should often replace the pillow, according to medical experts, the pillow is at least every two years, it is best weeks Take it once. Next: How to scientifically choose the importance of pillows and pillows Previous: Your pillow may be dirty than toilet seat!