Is the summer water pillow in summer?

The weather is hot every day. The southern part will also start the oven heating mode, those necessary to heat the heat artifacts, and slowly turn it out, the mat, air conditioning, the fan class is even more Lack. There is also a artifact that is not known to, the water pillow! Many people are online, or listening to people mentioned this kind of pillow in the water, some people feel that they will have a headache, some people feel uncomfortable, but in the end, the summer sleeping water pillow is good? The well-known pillow is generally buckwheat filled, or a more popular gel, memory cotton, latex, etc., but these pillows in the summer, for the mat, thin bed, the pillow does not have effective cooling measures And it will be due to a lot of sweat in the summer, making the pillow in the bacterial breeding environment, don’t feel comfortable. The water pillow is somewhat different, and the ordinary pillow does not essentially, in the height and size of the pillow, but the focus is on the water. Summer water heat absorption, cools the head temperature, and good flowability is also more comfortable. The health issues are not there, and the water is changed. However, there are many people, especially middle-aged and old people, will feel cold, will cause discomfort of the neck and head, and even a migraine, and such pillow support is a single one, for cervical spondylos Said, very unfriendly. So, what should I do if I want to cool down, good liquidity, and hygienic pillow? Here, you should recommend Tokyo Xichuan Nishikawa resin hose pillow, breathable, ventilated hoses such that the pillow is in a state of airflow, during which the heat can be taken away, and the effect of cooling, and it will not feel cold. The resin hose is fluid, and the support is full, and for the largest specificity of the water pillow, it is designed to meet the three support theories, and the partition design can be adjusted alone, the pillow is comfortable, it is completely suitable for summer use. The resin hose is used as the food grade core material, water is washed, non-toxic and tasteless, and there is a child in the home. There is no harm, there is no harm, Tokyo Xichuan Nishikawa pillow, is the first choice for your summer pillow. There is also a biggest feature, this pillow can be customized! Customized pillows listened to the high-quality, healthy living customers who are suitable for high quality and healthy life. Next: How to live in cervical spondylosis? Very dangerous! People with bad cervical vertebrae must see! Previous: How is your teen pillow? What pillow is used?