Spring sleepy autumn lacks summer snoring, less healthy pillow

Spring sleepy autumn lacks summer snoring, less healthy pillow you are not willing to get up every morning, sleeping alive, sleepy \u0026 ldquo; specialty students After lunch, if you are sleepy, you can’t sleep at the afternoon. In our lives, some people are troubled by insomnia, but some people always feel that they have not slept enough, they can’t sleep to the \u0026 ldquo; They all said that spring sleepy autumn lacks summer snoring, can’t stop, in fact, because of sleep problems. Most problems, all on the pillow, can not create a comfortable sleep environment, leading to insomnia, snoring, cervical pain, etc. A healthy pillow that requires three points, pillows height, pillow size design, pillow filler. In terms of pillows, different pillows have their own statements, they think that their pillows are scientific. In fact, the height of the pillow needs to be determined according to the cervical curve, and everyone’s cervical vertebrae is different, and the pillow height Different demand, and the solution is the custom pillow, and the pillow is self-tone. The pillow size is also critical, and it is most directly affecting the performance of our use. Many people have a small sleeping demand because of the pillows, and there is a situation of running pillow¬† one turn over, fall , Wait for waking up, the neck hurts, the pillow doesn’t know where to run. It can be seen that the pillow design and size of the size require science, health, and the habit of sleeping and sleeping, and most of the pillows are not considered. Pillow fillers are now out of 588, various plants, chemical fiber, synthetic materials, and various functions are full of large e-commerce platforms. And actual users can achieve publicity efficacy and behave. So, what kind of pillow is filled? Do not open science, health, new pillow filler resin hoses, high-tech development, food grade material, breathable, high-elastic high support, water washing and not easy to insest, so many a little filler is ideal pillow Preferred. In summary, it is recommended that Tokyo Xichuan Nishikawa sleep, pillow design follows three support theories, four-partition design, single area adjustable height, there is a noodle sleep area and lateral paragraph, using a new resin hose as a filler, 450 years Historical brand, professional, focus on achieve quality and excellent healthy sleeping pillow. Next: Can sleep good, it is also a competitiveness Previous: What is a pillow height? High standard of pillows? What is the best height of the pillow?