The pillow is doubled for three years, why?

Have you tried to take a picture of the pillow sleeping more than a year? I remember that the pillows in the small time were laminated with a cotton coat. Since the time used, it is like a piece of iron. After growing up, the living conditions becomes better, and it can be affected by the elders. Many people’s live quality awareness still has not improved. In particular, during the research process, even those who have been well-educated, after graduating from college, although they are income, they are still nothing to do with the pillows. Ordinary pillow 1 year to filter 20 kg of sweat a person a day’s biggest dishwood is 10 liters. During the sleeping process, the metabolism is lowered, and it will probably discharge about 200ml of sweat, but most of the sweat is on the pillow. In this way, a pillow is about 20 kilograms in one year, is it a little scary? These sweats are basically evaporated by external temperatures, but the time stored on the pillow and the human dandruff left on the pillow gives a good environment for locusts and bacteria. The new pillow uses 3 years  may grow 1 times weight \u0026 rdquo; British Daily Mail said: Due to the stack of dust mites, the new pillow will increase the weight after 3 years. This will increase the symptoms of diseases such as asthma, eczema, and dust mites also lead to rhinitis and sinusitis. Maybe you never thought about the cause of the pillow is because of the cause of dust mites? The pillow is not changed for a long time, we can’t notice the obvious discomfort, but you may have more oil on the face after sleeping, and the scalp is always in the face? Remember this is a phenomenon of dust mites. Next: Your pillow may be dirty than the toilet seat! Previous: How much is the pillow of cervical spondylosis?