Three wrong point of pillow height

Error knows that 1 pillow or pillow is too low to think that these pillows and cervical physiological curves are suitable. In fact, these pillows are harmful to cervical vertebra, and experts from Chinese Medicine Surgery have been introduced yesterday, because patients with cervical spondylosis caused by pillows are not in a small number, and some even throw a neck hypertension and neck-necked coronary heart disease. Errors 2 pillows are so good to sleep, and the deputy director of Zhongda Chinese Medicine Surgery recently diagnosed such a patient. Mr. Zhang, who was 32, felt groggy, dizzy, and all the day did not work. Because in a week, he doubted that he had a cervical spondylosis. When he went to the hospital, the cervical vertebra did a small joint disorder. After the consultation, he usually likes a high pillow. I feel that the pillow is so sleepy, sleeping two pillows together. The so-called \u0026 ldquo; high-pillow worry-free is just a beautiful willingness to life, the pillow is too high, no matter what posture sleep, you can’t keep the normal front convex curvature of the cervical vertebrae, will increase the burden of cervical spine, which may cause the pillow. The height and softness of the pillow are related to everyone’s fat, the shoulders of the shoulders, and the length of the neck is related to comfort. What is the comfortable height? Simply test: When you are on your own, the height of the pillow is the same as your own fist, the height of the pillow is the same as the height of your half fist. Generally, it is suitable for 10 ~ 15 cm. . Second, in terms of construction, the traditional pillow cannot fit the cervical spine natural curvature, which will make the cervical vertebrae, the physiological curvature changes, even if it is in the tension in the work, it is best to choose the pillow that meets the principle of ergonomics. Finally, the choice of pillow filler is also largely influencing sleep quality, such as natural mung bean shell, buckwheat shell, silkworm, decidism, etc., many anti-sleep, cotton is warming, breathable. Down is not suitable for  allergy  physical people use. For those who like new materials, memory cotton pillows are poor, and they are prone to polyver, sultry, sweat, and it is recommended to use a pillow of a resin hose. The price of the resin hose is more expensive, but this material combines the advantages of memory cotton and latex, which can perceive the temperature of the human body and plastic, and maintain good soft comfort in the low temperature environment, both support, can reduce The pressure between the scalp, the blood circulation is smooth, and the contact surface of the human body is always maintained at 36 ° C close to the human body temperature, avoiding stuffing and sweating. Experts say that the physiological curve of the cervical vertebrae under normal circumstances is the front convex, supine position, if the pillow is too high, the head and neck is over, so that the muscles and ligaments in front of the vertebral body are too fatigue, and the head neck is over-neck The tube is elongated, and the spinal cord and the nerve roots are relatively shortened, which is easy to cause or aggravate cervical spondylosis. Error knows that the 3 unstead or pillows are too low. In addition to the high problems of the pillow, many people with cervical spondylosis do not pillow, or the pillow is too low, which is not scientific. A teacher has a serious cervical spondylosis, and then he is listening to people who can treat cervical spondylosis, so he will not pillow, but his cervical disease is more serious after a year.Chest tightness and other symptoms.Experts say that the pillow is too low or no pillows is equally not good for health.Because the normal person is going to turn over 20 times in sleep, the side is not pillow, the head is skewed, and the result is the neck pull tension, one side congestion, cervical muscle does not effectively relax, andIt affects blood supply to the brain, often fainted, neck pain after getting up.Some will lead to fluster, chest pain, suffering from necodextropathy due to compulsive nerves.Next: How much is the pillow of cervical spondylosis?Previous: How to choose a pillow?Considering these three points is enough