Your pillow may be dirty than the toilet seat!

What is the skin getting worse? Sneezing in the morning? Related to your sheets! How long does your home bed number have been changed once? You know, in addition to your lover, you will still have anything else with you! These bedding have hidden bacteria, and it is seen that people are stunned. Many people have changed a sheet in one month, and some people have changed their bed lines for half a year or for a longer period of time. The time to stay with us, in addition to lover, there are millions of  bed linen 10 days does not change  to the skin  people’s life, there is about one-third (8 hours a day) time Spend in bed. In the process of sleep, it is equal to the skin to make a exercise, the epidermis will regenerate, the new skin will replace the old, the old skin falls off into the dead skin. There are many of these dead skin to fall on the bed. These dead skin will become a lot of bacteria survival Not only that, we will still have a variety of strange substances on the sheets, such as the body’s grease, saliva, body contaminated stain dust, body fluid, or even urine and feces. In addition to the waste on the person, the study also found that a person will leave nearly 100 million mulm (167 bottles of usual mineral water) in bed, so the environment of the bed is a humid condition, which is easy to breed fungi. Uncommon to change the bed singularly to induce a variety of disease fungi or bacterial infections for a week, the number of beds, the number of bacteria is 2,4631 more than the bathroom door. Chorospore can cause asthma and pneumonia; fungi can cause broth or even femorality. Therefore, friends with asthma should pay more attention to copying the washing products. Induction acne, if you don’t change your bed, you don’t care about it, even with makeup, you will be more likely to lead to facial skin, which will also increase bacterial breeding, induce brevus, long acne and other skin diseases. Therefore, friends who have a long acne should also pay attention to copying the bedding. The dust mite research found that after one night, the dust mites on the bed will increase by 1.5 million. Skin stimulation or eczema dirty beds will rub the skin to cause skin stimulation, red spot, ulcer and other inflammation. At this time, it is not advisable to use the grease ointment to use the dermatologist in time. How long should you change your bed? According to the US \”Red Book\” magazine, experts recommend 7-10 days cleaning to replace the sheets, pillowcase! The correct cleaning method has smog, or rainy days: sheets, sleeves, pillowcases, normal cleaning, before drying, it is best to use 55-65 degrees Celsius hot water hot water sheet, soak 15-20 minutes, then Dry again. Sunny day with the sun: sheets, sleeves, pillowcases, normally cleans, sunlight, and place it in a dry place. Only in this way can you remove bacteria and aphids attached to the bedding! Newly bought sheets should be cleaned first, use newly purchased sheets, can not be used directly, should be cleaned and then use it! ! Because the sheets are contaminated during the production workshop and packaging, during transportation, the bacteria, etc., even the new sheets should also be cleaned and then used. In addition to the sheets of the bed, there are many household items to be cleaned on time.Change!Life items Next: How to judge the pillow too high or too low Previous: The pillow is doubled for three years, why?